Mother of Perpetual Help Memory Care Addition, St. Louis

Located in the heart of St. Louis, Mother of Perpetual Help provides assisted living and memory care services. When its memory care units reached capacity, owner Cardinal Ritter Senior Services (Shrewsbury, Mo.) decided to embark on an addition to extend its mission of providing senior living care.

The Mother of Perpetual Help Memory Care Addition, designed by Vessel Architecture & Design (Creve Coeur, Mo.) and built by BSI Constructors (St. Louis), opened in January 2023.

The 17,582-square-foot community features two 13-unit households, each housing a kitchen, living and dining areas, a multipurpose area, and private lounge. Amenities spaces include a central courtyard, salon, and therapy room.

Using the Green House model

The new memory care community features a Green House model, creating a familiar, homelike experience for its residents.

Specifically, the layout resembles an open-plan house, with common spaces grouped together to foster a sense of community and comfort. Small group settings with connections between interior and exterior areas invites families to engage with their loved ones in a relaxed setting.

The addition’s exterior design complements the existing community and includes oversized window sizes, porches, and a central courtyard.

The interior design by Spellman Brady & Company (Clayton, Mo.), complements the architectural vision, creating a dignified home environment. Both households feature identical layouts with unique lighting fixtures, artwork, varied color palettes, and intentional furniture choices to distinguish them.

Artwork features themes of local scenery and culture, which resonates with the residents. The inclusion of mixed media in the art collection adds a dynamic and reminiscent charm to each living space.

Wayfinding tools for memory care environments

Wayfinding is made easier and more intuitive through the use of color-coded doors and coordinating shadow boxes for each block of resident rooms. This thoughtful detail not only aids navigation but also adds a splash of warmth and personality to the living spaces.

One of the major highlights of the design is the central courtyard that’s accessible from various points of the building. This outdoor oasis, complete with a meandering path, water feature, and covered porch with seating, offers residents a secure and serene environment.

Another notable design feature is the use of larger windows to help bring daylight into interior spaces. This architectural choice plays a crucial role in enhancing resident quality of life, as natural light supports circadian rhythm and cognitive functions, essential for seniors dealing with memory loss.

Mother of Perpetual Help Memory Care Addition project details

Location: St. Louis

Completion date: January 2023

Owner: Cardinal Ritter Senior Services

Total building area: 17,582 sq. ft.

Total construction cost: $5.9 million

Cost/sq. ft.: $334

Architect: Vessel Architecture & Design

Interior designer: Spellman Brady & Company

General contractor: BSI Constructors Inc.

Engineers: Civil Engineering Design Consultants (civil), J & M Engineering (structural), CJD Engineering (MEP)

Builder: BSI Constructors Inc.

Medical equipment planner: Not disclosed