Lyngdal Healthcare Centre, Norway

Lyngdal Healthcare Centre, in Lyngdal, Norway, is a skilled nursing home and healthcare center that’s designed to facilitate social interaction among residents and the community at large with shared public amenities.

Designed by NORD Architects (Copenhagen, Denmark) and 3RW Arkitekter (Bergen, Norway) the entire community includes a large central atrium. The design focuses on providing ample daylight, views to the Norwegian landscape and outside gardens, and a calming color. Five wings branch out from the atrium to the residences and care areas.

The project includes long- and short-term care, temporary care residencies, daycare programs, and home care services.

Intergenerational connection

The skilled nursing home and healthcare centers amenities, including a salon, café, fitness center, laundromat, and day center, are shared between residents and locals to help create intergenerational connections. Relatives are also welcome to stay for dinner and overnight.

Dental, nursing, and physiotherapy and occupational therapy services are also offered.


Lyngdal Healthcare Centre project details

Facility name: Lyngdal Healthcare Centre

Location: Lyngdal, Norway

Completion date: June 2020

Owner: Lyngdal Municipality

Total building area: 134,549 sq. ft.

Total construction cost: $43.2 million

Cost/sq. ft.: N/A

Architect: NORD Architects and 3RW Arkitekter

Interior designer: NORD Architects and 3RW Arkitekter

General contractor: Kruse Smith Contractor AS