The EFA Design Showcase jury for 2016 selected four projects for honorable mention honors, calling out specific achievements in each one that deserved a special shout-out. The honorable mentions:




MorningStar at Arrowhead, Glendale, Ariz.

Completed: September 2015

Submitted by: Thoma-Holec Design LLC

Jury shout-outs:

  • Bridges the gap nicely between hospitality and residential aesthetics
  • Strong memory care plan.

Avanti Senior Living at Towne Lake, Cypress, Texas

Completed: September 2015

Submitted by: PRDG

Jury shout-outs:

  • Excellent technology integration
  • Achieved owner’s goal of a “boutique hotel” concept for a contemporary market
  • Sophisticated interiors executed at a low cost per square foot.

Legacy Place Cottages, Allentown, Pa.

Completed: June 2015

Submitted by: RLPS Architects

Jury shout-outs:

  • Good separation of public and private spaces
  • Strong cultural connection throughout (community serves Jehovah’s Witnesses)
  • Effective use of lighting and color schemes, with lots of natural light.

Whitney Center, Hamden, Conn.

Completed: Phase 1, October 2012; Phase 2, estimated 2018

Submitted by: SFCS Architects

Jury shout-outs:

  • Stellar engineering achievement
  • The design (especially in the long central corridor) supports whimsical living driven by community input.